The third Roadshow was the one for MEN on 25th of January 2020.

An unexpected high turnout was encountered with men from ages 14 to over 50 gathered together for a good cause. The opening devotion message by the Pastor taken from the story of Amnon and Tamar in the Bible said it all. That tone scavenged the hearts of all in attendance arousing emotions and triggering hot yet meaningful discussions. A lot of unbelievable stories sufficed illustrating that also men are victims of this disastrous monster with those stories never uttered let alone being shared. The echo of the pain of being the perpetrators was evitable and those in attendance hated the fact that everyone is brushed with the same paint and therefore they must stop that. They really thanked the leaders of Talitha Cumi for the inclusion of men folk as this is going to change the mindset of people who think that rape is only about women. The cry for restoration of the dignity of men is was huge. The meeting took longer than it was expected as it turned out to be teaching interactive workshop. Substance abuse and fake churches amongst others were counted as top in the list to perpetuate this disastrous virus which in fact affects everybody.


  • The emphatic condoning of fathers raping his own children and relatives feasting on their families was given an iron fist
  • Adulterous actions by men were also condoned
  • Loss of trust and hope to the today teachers and policemen was a bone of contention
  • Irresponsibility by men was something to be considered with a sharp eye
  • Teachings and lessons given to the boys during the right of passage to manhood was yet another matter of concern


  • One of the Captains from SAPS shared a tragical story of a father and a son continuously raping the disabled daughter and sister

Outcomes and actions

  • Two of the men that attended introduced Talitha Cumi to their different schools where they are teaching
  • Some youth groups were introduced to Talitha Cumi
  • Commitment to register on line and commit to Talitha Cumi

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