The second Imbizo was the Women Imbizo; the mothers, wives and midwives, which was held on the 18th of January 2020. All women in leadership and influential positions were invited. Like; mother of boys only, mother of all genders, women in management or leadership positions be it at church, school, workplace, organizations, industry, community etc. The turnout was very good, engagement excellent.

Highlights of the day;

  • The discussions illustrated clearly that rape is an old virus that had been incubated by putting it under carpet for a long time
  • It is high time that the silence is broken
  • Rape occurring in marriages
  • Rape occurring in families and being kept secret
  • Rape occurring in churches, the churches and societies involved in those churches exerting pressure on the victim not to embarrass the church.
  • Step families >>>step father, step mother, step child
  • Single mothering and or broken marriages
  • Working parents entrusting their children to either neighbours or other siblings
  • Rape happening in schools by educators
  • Environment surrounding children in their living areas

Outcomes and action

  • The whole meeting applauded Talitha Cumi Foundation for her vision
  • A WhatsApp group to be created for further conversational engagement
  • Women promised to spread Talitha Cumi wherever they are as it is a wonderful vehicle

Special message from the founder President Dr Fay

“Like a Samaritan woman go ye then in your villages and tell the people of the news you have heard” John 4:28-30

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  1. Woh i would really like to get involve with your programs it sound amazing and positive and evolino Adams from paarl in cape town please please contact me.

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