This was the first imbizo which what hosted on the 9th of January 2020.

Initiating the roadshows that Talitha cumi was embarking on as an act of stakeholders engagement, the first imbizo was that of the clergy in cape town and surrounding areas as the heads of the body of Christ to come and gather under one roof to come and reason together as in Isiah 1 vs 18 and also to rebuild the broken walls in people of this country as in Nehemiah. The interactive presentation and the engagement went very well, and clergy committed to partner with Talitha Cumi as the heads of the body of Christ.

  • Something outstanding in this meeting was the acknowledgement by the whole body of the fact that MEN ARE PERPETRATORS OF THIS MONSTER AND THEREFORE THEY ARE GOING TO STAND STRONG TO CONDONE THE ACT.


  • To form a WhatsApp group to keep conversing about the processes of the foundation.
  • The clergy to go back to their audiences and spread the good news of Talitha Cumi.
  • To attend the proposed launch on the 20March 2020.
  • To engage their youth desks in the program.
  • A committee was nominated to take Talitha Cumi forward.

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