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Whilst the whole world was sharing love through Valentines Day in February, the Founder President of Talitha Cumi Dr Fay Nqoloba was prompted to share love differently with the rape victims/survivors that she calls Princesses of the Kingdom. Her belief is that only Jesus Christ who is a total healer, a counsellor and a giver of Agape love. This special and auspicious gesture happened on the 15th of February 2020 where droves of rape victims gathered together in love with some of the supporters and those dedicated to offer themselves as a sacrifice of love to those that are hurting. These Princesses came blindfolded not knowing what to expect but searching for comfort in their long-lived audiles. Some young ones accompanied by their mothers. This was but a God Orchestrated bold step for someone who has never spoken about this monster but decides to be obedient to this Lion call. Amazingly so, even Dr Fay herself with those that volunteered to be alongside her was counting onto being led by the Holy Spirit as she didn’t have a plan at hand. Who can stop the love of God when all eats and all presents and entertainment came from all sides including the venue and lunch sponsors to Talitha Cumi. Even the weather meant a lot to those that can have a direct communication with the Lord.


A meeting that was scheduled for 3 hours ended taking 8.5 hours


  • The whole day was highlights of people sharing their different ordeals in different shapes some of them starting from age 5
  • The Princesses emphasized the fact that rape never leaves you, the flashbacks keep on
  • Someone who has been attacked by this monster is never the same again
  • The empty feeling is part of your life
  • Most trusted people are the worst enemies and first-class perpetrators
  • Its very difficult to share and let go almost like a permanent stain 
  • Part of your self is not just numb but dead
  • Fluctuating emotions and a big gap and vacuum of loneliness
  • Loss of trust to anybody; loss of good strategies of dealing with circumstances sensitively or reasonably; short temper and anger management; aggressively defending yourself unnecessarily; not fully believing in yourself; to feel like you are less of a human being than other people 
  • How to deal completely with self

Response from the Princesses

  • Princesses sincerely thanked DR Fay to have made them being able to open up some of them for the first time in their lives.
  • They would like to go and encourage others to do the same though they felt like they still need more attention leading towards total healing
  • They can’t wait for the launch and the training to be the leading ambassadors
  • They pleaded to please forge forward for the establishment of the Young Warriors Abundant Life Centre


  • A WhatsApp group to be formed and their private Facebook group
  • They were going to register on the website
  • They wanted t-shirts as discussed
  • Talitha Cumi team promised to look after them in all aspects
  • The group of doctors that attended offered their hand of help
  • Dr Fay to let them know when all resources and working systems are in place and that she is fighting very hard for the centre

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