Within five years working intensely with communities and in the midst of children and youth as Warrior Woman through Young Warriors Programs, It has become evident and clear as crystal that, one outstanding monster facing the children and youth of this country within Gender Based Violence, is RAPE and SEXUAL MOLESTATION AND OR SEXUAL ABUSE, directly and indirectly from ages of 03 months up to any age. Whilst still in deep shock meditating on ways to address this scourge; and after the grief of the UCT student and post office employee saga, one other horrendous incident happened still in the higher institution of learning in Cape Town and other places. Some of the Young Warriors stood up in arms saying WHEN IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WILL EVER BE ENOUGH?  And Talitha Cumi Foundation was birthed.

A group of young lads, young ladies and a senior citizen, are champions and leaders of this foundation headed by their chairperson, Nokubonga “Noksie” Qoza, powered by Talitha Cumi Powerhouse constituted of intellectuals and powerful team


To be the voice of the voiceless, sanctuary to the victors and survivors of RAPE and SEXUAL ABUSE. To be the platform to fight this virus in any way we can.


-To campaign vigorously for all affected to be vocal and put the talk into action.
-To be a platform of all kinds of remedies that can be of great assistance to affected and impacted with programs of HEALING THE WOUNDED SOULS
-To have programs of RESTORATION to the survivors and victors.
-To partner with all sections of life that can be of assistance to everything pertaining RAPE like SAPS, DSD, Churches, Schools, Institution of higher learning etc. -To conduct programs for MEN that are going to deal with the root cause of this behavior and come up with educative programs to redirect and restore the men's mindset.

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