Nokubonga Qoza

I am Nokubonga Qoza, currently studying Social Work at the University of Western Cape. I am the voice of the voiceless survivors and an advocate against Gender Based Violence. Let’s stand together and CLAIM back the kingdom inheritance, respect, love with other values and protect women and children. I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! 


Siphosethu Ncwadi

I am Siphosethu Ncwadi. My name says it all, I am not only a gift to my parents but also to the Nations. Growing up so hard and labouring for my living from the age of 9, groomed an iron man out of me, a versatile leader who knows the struggle and value of a WOMAN. WOMEN ARE PRECIOUS IN THE EYES OF GOD AND TO US. Therefore, I stand for no violence against them.


Brumilda Bruintjies

My name is Brumelda Bruintjies and I describe myself as Bold and Beautiful. Born in the beautiful inland town of Eastern Cape called Queenstown, where the QUEENS are born not made. Grew up as a vigilant warrior towards INTEGRITY and the AMBASSADOR OF A WOMAN. I always look forward to make my parents, church, school and immediate communities proud of me. The cry of a woman is most close to the heart of the Lord. I am then that mouth piece not only for the oppressed and victimized but also for the word of God where I draw my strength from. Life has no formula, but We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, as He is greater in us than the one in the world. My motto goes: last week was a mistake, but this week- we DOMINATE! I am currently doing my Final Year BA – Political Studies at the University of Western Cape.


Bongisipho Jevu

My name is Bongisipho Jevu, I can describe myself as a young man who still strive for success and a better future, someone who’s got courage. We’ve got to remember courage is not a feeling but the strength to go forward even in the face of fear. One of the Hebrew words for courage is rauh which means breath of God. I am a human which makes me imperfect. I’m currently studying Business Management at Central Technical College. I therefore appeal to all other men lime me: HANDS OFF OUR MOTHERS, OUR GRANDMOTHERS, OUR SISTERS, OUR FUTURE WIVES, AND ALL WOMEN.


Abongile Mqoqi

My name is Abongile Mqoqi. A young strong woman who has gone through hell in life. Like Paul the Apostle I have met hunger, hail storm, poverty, different kinds of abuse, different thorns in my flesh. I stand against anything and everything that is against women and children. Much as I’ve been through a lot, but I’ve always made it a point that I come out stronger than ever. I’m currently studying Paralegal Law at the South African School of Law in Pretoria. I am therefore calling upon other women out there; please look after yourselves by understanding that we are leaving in a cruel world. Trust no one even relatives. Be careful of substance abuse. And to men, we are tired of your abuse; hands off us as women.WE ARE NOW UP IN ARMS!!!


Siyabonga Makhonxa

Born in Port Elizabeth 30 years ago grew up under the thorns and thunders of domestic violence perpetuated by the serial killer of families, alcohol, which led to orphan me by succeeding to destroy my parents' marriage. In that darkness of finding myself fatherless at a tender and critical age of teens a great monster called RAPE swallowed me in the deep dungeon through being gang raped by 5 men. That horrible ordeal sent me flying yet to another deadly virus called HIV. These came like Titanic to my life but never succeeded to dismay my passion for life and the pursue for the finest and richest things in life. The drastic changes that happened in my life, that were intended to destroy me produced the GREAT combination of a WARRIOR and SOLDIER in one in me, that directed me to find myself assuming many life changing roles within the civil societies in Port Elizabeth in both GBV and HIV treatment advocate. No one deserves the pain I have been through, so therefore I stand with you and say you are family to me and I am your pillar of strength and a spring of waters of hope. Let my tears be your honey. "MY SCARS TURNED OUT TO BE MY GREATNESS".


Dr Fay

Dr Fay aka MaFay and Gogo to the Young Warriors is a long time Nation Builder. Very much well known and acknowledged in many many spheres of life in South Africa and across borders, of her unspeakable work done in communities. Her vast experience in her Senior Citizen years is an evident legacy that is already being lived by some of her products. She is one leader that does not believe in leading with pen alone, but by applying her wisdom by wearing gloves and getting to the boxing ring; by getting into her overall and working shoes and dirty her hands; by sweating for OTHERS more especially children. Her place is not in the Office but on the field. A strong Warrior with constantly rising passion for WOMEN AND CHILDREN; a Moral Regeneration Pioneer and Nation Builder; an uncompromising life giver by holistically developing and empowering Young Warriors by programs that deal with balancing their spirituality, emotions and mind. She is a great believer of a marriage of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. She has been a pioneer of Gender Based Violence for years and Talitha Cumi Foundation is one of championing vehicles birthed out of her leading organization Warrior Woman, mother of well-known Young Warriors.

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